Our Team has between us at least 80 years of accounting expertise.

Directors have the responsibility under the Singapore’s Company Act and Income Tax Act,  to maintain proper accounting records to reflect the financial position of the company and provide sufficient explanation for its transactions. Proper accounting records provide information to directors how well they are running the company and to shareholders on the state of the company’s affairs.

Small Business should consider outsourcing their Accounting to the professionals and save money without worrying about a full time employee salary and expensive accounting software to maintain.

Professional qualified accountants who are up todate with the complex standards of financial reporting standards requirement and Singapore Statutory Accounting requirements to produce accurate and timely financials.

The Business Owner to focus on what he does best to grow his business profitability.

We can help with the following accounting services :

1) monthly, quarterly , half yearly and annually full set of accounts

2) maintaining the Accounts Receivable ledger; Accounts Payable Ledger and the General Ledger using Cloud Accounting software

3) compile the annual unaudited financial statements

4) Group consolidation accounts and reporting

5) Business Plan preparation – budgeting and drafting the business plan with the Client

It is important to set up the accounting functions properly and upfront so that you can make better use of your time in other key business areas.

When you start your business, your objective is to make money.

Why you want to slow down your money making opportunities by burdening yourself with the paperwork.

In addition, the accounting and tax industries have gone through many rounds of changes, better leave it to the professionals.